The Vision

Nicole Kirwan is an entrepreneur who has a bold vision: take that breezy, "vacation state of mind" and build a business around it. At Elevated LA, we are proud to have played a role in helping her do just that. We applied our hybrid, more-than-a-realtor model to take Nicole's dream from a 'great idea', to a thriving small business.

The Journey

We worked with Nicole to help her move into the location for her boutique; one that represented the brand she wanted to build. The space had a lot of potential- high ceilings and a large floor plan, but it needed some remodeling to make it into the perfect place for Nicole to start her dream business.

We worked together to take the store from concept to reality, by helping to coordinate the transformation of the space from ordinary to chic. Our team is keenly aware of how important a location is, and in this instance, Brentwood Village couldn't be more perfect for Permanent Vacation. We are so excited that Nicole chose this unique space, and has finally made her dream a reality. 

The Destination

Today, Permanent Vacation is a thriving addition to the Brentwood Village shopping experience. Nicole is living her dream, and helping Angelenos stay in a "vacation state of mind", Thanks to her keen eye for fashion, Nicole has created a jaw-dropping store interior, that perfectly compliments the beautiful clothes hanging on the racks. Touting the the ever-fitting ethos: 

There is nothing like that vacation state of mind and we want to bring that carefree, intoxicating and fun aesthetic to our customers' everyday life.


Since its opening, the Brentwood demographic have been flocking to Permanent Vacation for its fashion-forward clothing and accessories, which fit so well with the Californian beach lifestyle. Check it out now at 11632 Barrington Court, Los Angeles 90049 | 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am to 5pm on Sundays. 


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