A carefully planned space can change the entire feel of a home

At Elevated LA, we're all about elevating the enjoyment of your property! We have compiled a list of our favorite design trends at the moment, and why we think they're so influential right now: 

1. Roof Top Deck

Why relegate your outdoor experience to the yard? A rooftop deck is a great way to entertain, creating an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. And, of course, a great view.  Being blessed with endless sunny days in Southern California, a rooftop deck can be used virtually year round - so admire the view, sip an afternoon cocktail, and enjoy your roof top space! 

2. Bringing the Inside-Out

With beautiful weather all year round, extending the 'inside out' is a luxury experience that can elevate the enjoyment of your home. Seamlessly integrating the inside of your home with outdoor areas makes it more than just a living space, and transforms it into a quiet retreat from the outside world. 

Space is often at a premium in Los Angeles, and clever additions like a garage that converts to an outdoor dining area, large doors opening out to a breakfast area from the kitchen, or an outdoor fire pit with some lazy couches scattered around it, will maximize your space, and help you to savor the day well into the evening. 

3. Tall Ceilings and Windows

Tall ceilings and windows allow natural light to flood your home, bringing nature in and showcasing LA's sunny skies. Imagine cooking in a bright kitchen with natural light streaming in.

 Light is so important, and creating spaces where it can be maximized is a must - providing a big dose of vitamin D, it will be an immediate mood booster! 


4. Drought Resistant Landscaping

It is no secret that we experience very little rain in Southern California, which means that responsible use of water is a huge consideration in any landscaping endeavor. 

Landscapers and architects alike are abandoning the water dependent 'green grass and flowers' approach, and embracing LA's natural environment. An appealing use of drought resistant grasses, low water shrubs and flowers, succulents, and rock work are 'in' right now, and the demand is high.  

A stylishly drought resistant yard now embraces succulent blooms and feathered grasses. Turf grass has also gained popularity, with some that look so good, you would think it was real!